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New Mod/ Real Housewives of NY Update! [Apr. 23rd, 2010|12:33 pm]
Bravo's Real Housewives


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Hi everyone!!!
I'm a new mod for the comm.  I'm new to the whole mod thing (so bear with me) but not new to the Real Housewives madness.
So yeah, say hello.  Or not. Its all good. Hope you enjoy the comm, and comment/stay active/ etc.!!!!

Let's get right into it shall we!

Jill. Jill Jill Jill. In yesterday's episode Jill just looked stupid, materialistic, and childish.  And throughout all of this madness I feel the worst for Bobby.  He obviously adores her far too much to see her for the spineless woman that she is. Cest la vie!

Ok .Ok, this season has been explosive to say the least.   And its still not over.  Have you seen the clip of Kelly Bensimon talking about throwing up, and thinking that Bethenny was going to actually kill her?? I mean I knew she was crazy. but I didn't *know* she was crazy.Oi.
And Jill iceskating? THAT should be interesting to watch.  I wonder if she's as good at iceskating as she was at tennis. And uhmm, Luanne is taking a page out of the book of Kim Zolciak (Real Housewives Atlanta) and is singing and releasing a song.  We got a sample of it in the preview clip.  Can't wait to hear the finished product and how it matches up to "Tardy for the Party"!

And Alex getting upset it so....funny! LOL....I mean, there must be people out there who try to be tough and people just don't take them seriously.  Alex is one of them...if it wasn't anatomically impossible, I'd tell her to grow some balls.  Or borrow them from Simon.  She always comes off so....weak to me.  Even when she should obviously be in control of the situation, she looks out of place.  Like she's waiting for someone to tell her that she's cool enough.  But we'll see....she goes off on Ramona, although I barely watched the whole clip and I'm already laughing at Alex's feeble attempts at digs, and being snarky,

What did you guys think of the episode?!?!?!

I leave you with.....
Watch Ramona "werq", lol.....